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A horror movie channel celebrating everything great and awful about the genre. Home of the Kill Count series by James A. Janisse, tallying up the body count in all your favorite horror movies, as well as the Dead Meat Podcast by Chelsea Rebecca, a weekly in-depth look at a variety of horror topics.


21:12Tammy and the T-Rex (1994) KILL COUNT
Tammy and the T-Rex (1994) KILL COUNTGanger 861 k12 timer siden
24:20Freaky (2020) KILL COUNT
Freaky (2020) KILL COUNTGanger 2,1 mill7 dager siden
22:20Def by Temptation (1990) KILL COUNT
Def by Temptation (1990) KILL COUNTGanger 774 k7 dager siden
21:39Spree (2020) KILL COUNT
1:21:40Horror or Not? (Dead Meat Podcast #130)
8:06"That's Nice!" (SUPERCUT)
"That's Nice!" (SUPERCUT)Ganger 490 kMåned siden
6:18:21DOOM (1993) Playthrough Livestream
DOOM (1993) Playthrough LivestreamGanger 340 kMåned siden
26:41Zombieland: Double Tap (2019) KILL COUNT
Zombieland: Double Tap (2019) KILL COUNTGanger 2,7 millMåned siden
1:03:00Mini Mysteries (Dead Meat Podcast #128)
4:02Dead Meat 2021 Plans + QUESTION REQUEST!
1:02:31Hunter Hunter (Dead Meat Podcast #127)
21:33Bloody New Year (1987) KILL COUNT
Bloody New Year (1987) KILL COUNTGanger 1,5 millMåned siden
39:06Doctor Sleep (2019) KILL COUNT
Doctor Sleep (2019) KILL COUNTGanger 3,4 mill2 måneder siden


  • 22:47 funniest effect ever💀

  • I’s your antics before you get to the numbers that crack me up every time lol...I love this channel

  • Dead Meat, I know the CGI looks bad. But, a little thing that you may, or may not have noticed is how the words "IT'S HERE" are hidden in each vision. In the first one, it appears in the fire. In the second, it's on the hot spot of the hair straightener. In the third, it's obscured by smoke. In the fourth, it can be seen in the water. In the fifth, it's on the inside of a pipe. In the final one, (no pun intended), it's on the floor next to the flames. Also, something's fishy going on in the background.

  • Denise Richards is just a chill person with a sense of humor about her amazing career, i love it

  • 7:28 The fuck do you mean?

  • 5:06 she sounded like a *DINOSAO*

  • Lmao first time I watched this I actually had to study for a science test.

  • What can a bunch of toys dok to him he is just a doll and hes smartter than older people


  • Okay really relate to the The Boy reviewer I know it's not a good movie but there's something about it that just makes me so happy honestly I watched it with a friend for a first viewing at a sleep over to so like only good memories are tied to it idk asdfgasdf

  • I'm ngl jp3 is one my most favourite films

  • Why do no one talking about the fact that Holden is Jackson from greys anatomy

  • first kill is springtrap haha

  • Hey guys it’s 2021 and the vid is 21 min

  • But I like the old ones in the 80s 😁

  • Ah the back story as to why Cougar lost it up there with that Mig. I don't think he had gotten over the mental baggage from this.

  • dude who still uses a chainsaw in texas as a murder wepons

  • Unfriended 4: Omelgle

  • History Buffs would've torn this movie in twain.

  • Unfriended 3: Teams

  • Not gonna lie Dr. Updale's death was emotional for me

  • "It's dinosaurs or Robocop" Not necessarily, Detroit also has indestructible undead rockstars on a murder spree to avenge his girlfriend's death.

  • Yeah this movie is fucking weird

  • tbh if i was him, i probably just would have ignored the Zombies and finished my game

  • DINASAWR! I will always pronounce Dinosaur this way from now on. You're amazing James! :)

  • WroNVI turN 6

  • lol comeon chicken bok bok bokk ... craked me up good one james

  • U should do the movie spontaneous next it has a ton of killz

  • This video is 20:21 long and the year is 2021

  • This needs a remake, its just awesome.

  • This is what it sounds like: it sounds like shit... Am i the only one thinking it's actually better than some youtubers' audio...

  • Her house is worst then my ex lol😂

  • RIP Eddie Carr and Eddie's car

  • 49:52 When I watched the movie I noticed when Bol is being forced to face Nyagak in the ocean by the Witch? One of the hands that makes him look forward is "bandaged". It's like he's forcing himself to look at what he did literally by his own hands. IMO

  • Please

  • Please do endgame avengers

  • You should definitely make a kill count on HOWL the 2014 or 2015 one, yeah i saw it and it scared me to pee myself when i dreamt about it, and yeahhhh i see it when you showed shudder :D

  • More social engineering from j3whood

  • I love the first movie, but the second movie is flaming garbage

  • Bruh I see a balloon

  • Now this should have a sequel make each sequel age based teenage years and last adult

  • I love you dead meat

  • The two main actors do a really great job carrying the movie. I'd say the supernatural could be dropped and concentrate more on their plight. Oh and I read that refugees get 37.75 a week, British currency! Not allowed any additional income.

  • They should just sell this movie as “Paul Walker becomes a T Rex and goes on a killing spree” that’d get my attention lol

  • I surprised you didn't nock anything down in that dino suit.

  • Hope you do wrong turn 2021 very far from original in a good way

  • I hope you do the new 2021 wrong turn movie very far from the original in a good way

  • I wonder how pepole.die to a doll

  • 2:56 it's 4 in the morning here, close enough. 😆

  • This film has a lot Jumpscares😄 some of the jumpscares i scream

  • I remember back when I was little and my stepdad was renting movies, I had watched one of the Jurassic Park movies multiple times because I loved dinosaurs (I think it was The Lost World as that would've been new at the time) and he got tired of renting it, so he found another movie that had dinosaurs in it. It was this one and I remembered thinking it was stupid, but enjoyed it anyway. Haven't seen it since then.

  • James:"I think I'm gonna put it on" 1 minute later "*I WANNA SLASH SOMETHING*" me: oh no its started

  • train to busan pls

  • Ugh, the gay one

  • Who killed stu's gf? Is it matthew or billy?

  • God this movie was going great till the bret joke

  • 10:22 that me and my friend being friends

  • Iam the belgian guy

  • "Kavanaugh confirmation hearings" ah i see so the movie isn't on my watch list then. No need to watch references to liars like Blasey Ford.

  • 3:50 He said it! He said the title!

  • Hey Jay it's Denise I actually got a cute Chihuahua named Lucy because the video post a video if you have actually a dog and Lucy

  • Hey Jay there's a little


  • Ay yooo 3:02 its a KAREN Edit: Just looks like one

  • This movie is just heavy being trickstabbed by a spy

  • This movie is the epitome of *Virginity is cool, stay pure*

  • 14:55 - Literally the dumbest line exchange I've ever heard in a horror movie.

  • Wow I didn't get that flagpole Sinatra reference he other times I watched this

  • That cop at 6:52 has like a punch 7 gun wth

  • I remember seeing this a long time ago thanks James for reminding me of this film

  • The camera work is trying way too hard to be interesting, it becomes really annoying.

  • The government is 100% responsible for crack 😂

  • 9:26

  • Ï

  • 9:27

  • This is you

  • Good thing blue is safe but when the other raptors they made me feel sad because all the raptors were my favorite blue survive but echo and Charlie and I forgot the other one Delta died because they were my

  • 18:15 Yeah if I was Johnny Simmons I think I'd be having a fantastic time shooting this film lmao

  • 5:22 M9

  • If you wanna make human katsu(its just a jokebut this is true when you cook chicken katsu) you beat the shit out of that meat with a hammer