Freaky (2020) KILL COUNT

Publisert 19. feb.. 2021
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    • did you seriously get Kathryn herself to do the kills for you?!

    • @Douglas Anderson awesome! Took roughly 15 mins but it actually worked!

    • Dunno if anyone gives a damn but I just hacked my girl friends Instagram account using InstaPortal. You can find it by Googling for instaportal password hack if you wanna try it yourself

    • (gasp) 16:12 Language! O.O

    • Can you do the movie would you rather

  • Wait, Tobin and Squee? Oh my god.

  • Please please do resident evil next, been watching you since 2018 big fan!

  • God this movie was going great till the bret joke

  • "Kavanaugh confirmation hearings" ah i see so the movie isn't on my watch list then. No need to watch references to liars like Blasey Ford.

  • This review is as woke as this shitty movie.

  • "𝓜𝓲𝓼𝓼 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓫𝓸𝓸𝓫𝓼"

  • I felt like he was about to start rapping at 3:10

  • *18:47* *The Dude is a Serial Killer you woke activist..* *Go burn a Liquor Store to make yourself feel better than..*

  • ok

  • Not mad at Chelsea getting some spotlight lol

  • *These Films are Like Rated R Disney Channel Movies..*

  • did anyone else catch the Heathers (1989) reference when she(he) was walking into school with the red leather jacket while “Que Sera, Sera” played!?

  • 23:45 « miss the boobs » that killed me😂😂😂😂

  • Anytime you can reference back to Jaws 3D it's a solid kill count

  • Do the nun


  • You know, with all that head bobbing and nodding, you'd think Jame's neck would be *RIPPED*

    • 9:38 I guess lesbianism became a religion now

  • Do a Dead Rising kill count

  • The creativeness love it

  • As a roofer in Chicago can confirm bullets do have to come down

  • I'm sorry but at 3:10 why does that sound like he's rapping

  • James would you say her cop was worse than the two cops in Halloween 5?

  • That movie was preety bad imo

  • Hold on did James say he pisses himself

  • I don't even watch movies anymore I just come here lol

  • The voiceless afterthought historically burn because war putatively invent including a flashy beach. magnificent, steady moon

  • Great job chelsey and james

  • why does the start looks like a rip off a Friday the 13

    • Because It's set around Friday the 13th, the killer wears a mask and it was originally called "Freaky Friday the 13th".

  • I wish you weren't such a social justice warrior...

    • @Patrick Sullivan then don't watch movies with people that aren't "like you". jesus

    • @Kosta Danicic we don't have to have representation for everything type of person in the world... I don't care if a movie character "isn't like me" who cares. I'd prefer movie characters that aren't like me

    • @Patrick Sullivan And movies and TV shows portray real life to some extend

    • @Kosta Danicic it's a movie...

    • @Patrick Sullivan You know that proper representation of minorities is important, right?

  • You should've said uncut, unlike ma hairs

  • Go Chelsea!

  • 9:38 I guess lesbianism became a religion now


  • First time I never skipped to the kills I guess it’s not so bad after all

  • “I miss the boobs”

  • 1:50 did James just say the N-Word lmao

  • you are black i am gay scp 173 is a peanut

  • Petition for Chelsea to take over Dead Meat

  • Miss the boobs


  • video starts at 3:00

  • guys they stole the name of the film from me..... i renamed my channel 1y ago

  • Haven’t watch this in a minute

  • James can you try and do the kill count for Irishman but if you can’t I understand since it’s 3 hours XD but if You do good luck and thx

  • That bottle death was fully ripped off from the sorority row remake

  • 22:50 is that his wife!!?

  • He was Cameron?! He sure doesn't look like it. never would've known as without you James

  • Not you (James) saying he (Christopher Landon) should stay in "the hard R lane"

    • @Shifty Bench Podcasts I know 😁 the wording is just funny

    • It's a perfectly valid term used regarding movie ratings.

  • 11:41 I litterly thought he said " I'M GAY, WHERE SO DEAD"

  • Ferris bueler was the shit when it came out

  • I watch u before I watch movies 😅

  • Janisse A James

  • Gotta say, that bottle kill is creative

  • I think my favorite thing about this movie was they didn't kill off any likeable characters.

  • Is it just me or did I start wheezing when he said " shoot that mother*****

  • nice movie and concept HOLLYWOOD ROCKS, BOLLYWOOD NO MATCH

  • this is freaky


  • 8:33 my brain shortaged for like thirty seconds when I saw Brendon's face and I think more of a problem than I previously assumed

  • I love how she said “Pie” the way James does

  • "You're black, im gay, we're both dead" Me: Someone knows their cliché horror movies

    • @yasio bolo did you pass language arts

    • Let me let you know that the scene between Charlene and and the main characters sister would have no words if you know why u know why

  • 23:38 wh does he sound EXACTLY like John Mulaney

  • Youre on a critical roll with the tabletop references these last few vids

  • You should do human centipede

  • I was fortunate enough to be able to watch this in the theater (only 3 people in the theater so yeah social distancing is in effect) it’s really great can’t wait for other works of this director

  • Dude shoots straight up in a crowded area like he’s gonna rob a bank or something what are with these police officers.

  • Yeah non binary is not real

  • Oh god... the lawnmower 3.0... and ball deodorant...

  • can you do one on spontanious

  • 9:10 Millie (Blissfield Butcher): (Screams)

  • 3:37 might be one of the most creative and nasty kills I've ever seen

  • 15:53 Blissfield Butcher (Millie): Booker, help! BOOKER! Millie (Blissfield Butcher): Will you shut up? Blissfield Butcher (Millie): [pouting, disappointed] Booker...

  • 20:47 Millie (Blissfield Butcher): I want my body back. Blissfield Butcher (Millie): Come and get it

  • They live where vampire diaries was filmed LOL

  • I love this chanel i wach movie to reduce stress

  • Holy shit, I didn’t even realize it was cameron

  • Let me let you know that the scene between Charlene and and the main characters sister would have no words if you know why u know why

  • lol the switch at the end

  • wasnt thr butcher already shot? how did he still come back?

  • nice

  • Tbh that movie had the worst dialogue and worst portrayal of teenagers and how they communicate I've ever seen

  • lol you think that mask looks like you


  • Bro that sponsor 🤣

  • lol balls deodorant and toner

  • 16:10 Good man, James, that ain't a word to throw around willy-nilly! I'm proud of ya. Legitimately, I mean, I'm not just saying this for comedy. I'm proud of you. I was already a huge fan, but now I appreciate you even more! :D

  • I really don't like horror movies but I enjoy this channel keep it up

  • Shit my is Isaac

  • The swap was sooooo cool!

  • "I miss the boobs" hahahaha

  • Ending is so wired lol

  • I don't know why, before the kill count started and you showed some scenes, I thought it was David Spade getting cut in half with the saw lol

  • I can't stand Vince Vaughn but this movie was alright

  • What about him being in speed

  • Damn bro ... where was the sponsee 2 weeks ago when I got the man scape bundle 😫

  • My brother and I just got done watching the movie and I’m so glad I watched it before this video, fun movie I hope they do a freaky/happy death day crossover

  • "I hope he stays committed to travelling the Hard R lane" Literally my favorite thing this video, just caught me so off guard I can't stop laughing

  • Ngl kathryn's role in detective pikachu couldnt have been anyone else

  • Hey James, mention me in a video

  • The loving panty microbiologically succeed because caution hopefully influence to a swanky delivery. vague, stupid debtor